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Ken Yeung
The founder and head coach of HKGSA Racing, is an experienced drift driver who holds S class driver qualifications and professional coach qualifications for MSC Japan.
MSC HONG KONG Challenger Third place
Triple Alliance Obstacle Race Runner-up
MINI Challenge Third place
DRIFT Rd.1 Group B Third place
GYMKHANA Rd. 3 Runner-up
LIMITLESS 121 Barrel Race Champion
Youfa Cup Group A Champion

Formula Drift Japan 2023

Formula Drift Japan (FDJ) is an international motorsport event where drivers showcase drifting skills and compete at a high level. Organized by Japan Motor Sports Association (JMSA), FDJ emphasizes technical excellence, highlighting drifting techniques, driving abilities, and vehicle handling through precise control and quick direction changes.
Upcoming Events
FDJ2 Round 1
Yebisu Circuit West Course (Fukushima Prefecture)
エビスサーキット 西コース(福島県)
June 17&18, 2023
FDJ2 Round 2
Sportsland SUGO (Miyagi Prefecture)
スポーツランドSUGO (宮城県)
June 21&22, 2023
FDJ2 Round 3
Okuibuki Motor Park (Shiga Factory)
August 26&27, 2023
FDJ2 Round 4
Nikko Road (Tochigi Prefecture)
September 9&10, 2023
FDJ2 Round 5
Okayama International Circuit (Okayama Prefecture)
October 6&7, 2023
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Formula Drift Japan (FDJ) HKGSA Racing Team
and Ken Yeung, Professional Drifting Racing Driver