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EA Trading Ready!

EA trading makes use of computer programs to analyze market dynamics and automatically issue buy or sell instructions.

If you use the EA program, you don't need to monitor the market conditions from time to time. The EA program will execute the buy or sell policy according to the strategy you set up in advance. Open an account with Kohle Capital Markets™ and get support for free and improve your trading strategy with
EA program on our MetaTrader4 trading software.

High Quality Execution Guaranteed

Trading at Kohle Capital Markets™ means trading with a fair and reliable dealer. Regardless of whether you use the EA program to send instructions, we guarantee that your execution quality is consistent with other trading strategies.

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Trade at Kohle Capital Markets™ MT4 With EA Trading

Kohle MT4 Trading Software

MT4 provides a variety of advanced technical analysis tools, custom indicators, and supports automatic trading of EA programs.

The MetaEditor function allows you to create, test, and apply your own EAs and maintain them using the MQL4 programming language. Easily create your own strategy and automatically trade through the EA program; you can also use the historical data of MT4 to test your strategy.

In addition, MT4 comes with the MetaTrader market which provides more than 1700+ trading programs and 2100+ technical analysis indicators. You can purchase these services at a monthly or annual fee and apply them to your simulated or real accounts.

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